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Vaccine Fridge small-cleanSolar Energy Solutions recommends the use of Solar direct drive technology for the safe storage of vaccines. The unquie design ensures that vaccines will never freeze and never be exposed to elevated temperatures. The technology keeps temperatures at 4 to 5°C and limits the temperature variation within the cabinet at less than 1°C.

The technology allows  the energy from the sun via solar array panels to be taken directly to the fridge , this elimates the need for batteries, inverters and controllers used in standard  off grid solar power systems and reduces the installation costs as well as ongoing maintenance issues. 

There are several models and storeage capacities available on the market ranging from 30 litres to 150 litres  which Solar Energy Solutions has access to which are suitbale for hospitals , rural health centres and aid posts . The solar direct drive technology also allows for the vaccines to be keep upto 10 days at the required storage temperatures without any additional energy source. This ensures that the vaccines will not be spoilt during periods of low sunshine ie during the wet season. 

All of Solar Energy Solutions Solar vaccine frdiges and ice pack freezers have 

  • WHO approval
  • ISO 9001 accrediation