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HS-DC-5WDC solar home systems ranging from 3 Watt to 20Watt are ideal systems which are powered by sun light. They provide good lighting & mobile phone charging for home users in rural areas and good backup systems for power outages in our cities. LED  light bulbs each with individual switchs to turn ON/OFF,  provide superbright light for many rooms. USB output is able to charge  mobile phone, mp3, mp4 ... Provide over 10 hours of light on a full battery and uses highly efficient LEDs which consume 50% less energy and last longer than fluorescent light. It also charges the most popular mobile phones on the market by 10 different charging connectors. With built-in FM radio able to search channels and adjust volume, the 10 Wattand 20Watt systems come complete with MP3 function to play music.

HS-DC-20W 20 Watt System