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Solar Energy Solutions can provide 12 volt replacement batteries for all of your needs. We stock both lead acid and gel batteries.

 Voltage    Amperage  Model Number
 Lead acid batteries   Gel batteries 
12V    65AH PROL12-65 PROG12-65
80AH PROL12-80 PROG12-80
100AH PROL12-100 PROG12-100
120AH PROL12-120 PROG12-120
150AH PROL12-150 PROG12-150
180AH PROL12-180 PROG12-180
200AH  PROL12-200  PROG12-200 
225AH PROL12-225 -
230AH - PROG12-230
260AH  PROL12-260  PROG12-260
 Lead Acid Batteries  Gel Batteries