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Solar Energy Solutions PNG offers a range of DC fridges and freezers which are compatible with new and existing solar power installations. All units offered will operate on either 12 /24 or 36 volt DC (direct current power).

The advantages of DC fridges and freezers:

  • Ideal for use in remote rural locations where mains power is not available suitable for houses, trade stores, schools, health centres, and regional government offices
  • Best solution for freezers for fish and prawn storage in remote areas
  • On average 1/10th of the power consumption of conventional fridges and freezers
  • Less power consumption results in major cost savings with solar panel and battery installations
  • Overall major cost savings on diesel and petrol power generation when combined with the right solar power solution.


  Shape  Model Capacity Input Power Voltage Consumption


(W x D x H)

Fridge  Freezer
  1-Door Fridge FEFR-70 61L 9L ≤45W DC 12/
0.35KWH 449 x 464 x 675mm
Upright Freezer FR-100  - 100L ≤70W  0.45KWH 548 x 565 x 825mm
2-Door Fridge  FEFR-118  78L 40L ≤70W  0.58KWH  479 x 460 x 1202mm
Luxury Fridge FEFR-418  150L 268L ≤100W 0.80KWH 780 x 580 x 1750mm


FEFR-155  60L 95L ≤80W 0.55KWH 855 x 525 x 875mm
Chest Freezer FR-305  - 305L ≤100W DC 24/36V 0.7KWH 1074 x 660 x 840mm
 FR-525 - 525L ≤110W 1KWH 1564 x 760 x 910mm